Top Picks For a Twin Waterproof Mattress Cover

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twin waterproof mattress cover

If you have a twin waterproof mattress cover that’s prone to spills and accidents, it’s smart to invest in a waterproof mattress cover. These are simple and inexpensive products that shield your sleep surface against fluids and can extend the life of your existing mattress.

Top Picks

If your child’s bed is prone to bedwetting, consider investing in a waterproof mattress pad or protector that uses a TPU backing layer. These options provide an extra level of protection against stains, while also being easy to clean.

The best waterproof mattress covers are breathable and durable. They’re made of natural fibers that are woven or knit into moisture-wicking materials and may even feature a thin, non-rubbery polyurethane membrane for waterproofing.

Why a Twin Waterproof Mattress Cover is a Must-Have for Kids and Guests

A good encasement mattress protector will zip to the sides and top of the mattress for added protection from liquids, dirt, stains, and bugs. GH Lab experts love this Pillow Cube option that combines an air-cooling material with a waterproof, zippered encasement for an extra soft and quiet sleep experience.

The organic version of this breathable mattress cover is handmade with GOTS-certified organic cotton on the top and bottom, then topped off by a thin, 5% polyurethane membrane. This product adheres to strict sustainability standards by using no fire retardants, antimicrobial treatments, phthalates, vinyl, or PVC. Small pores in the polyurethane layer allow for breathability. It comes in a wide range of sizes and is available at Amazon. This is one of the cheapest choices in this guide, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for waterproof protection and an eco-friendly product.

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