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Tennis Court Repairs

If a Tennis Court Repairs is in poor condition it can become unsafe and unplayable. Regular resurfacing and maintenance work is the best way to extend its life. This is typically done every three to five years depending on the amount of use and climate. Resurfacing repairs cracks, fills divots and leveling the surface. It is more cost-effective than completely replacing the court.

Tennis court surfaces are constructed of a layer of rubber that absorbs shock. This layer can wear out when it becomes overworked and this is accelerated by sub-par care practices like excessive watering, harsh chemicals and improper drainage. It is also impacted by extreme temperature changes and weather in the area where the court is installed.

Budget-Friendly Tennis Court Repairs for Homeowners

Resurfacing restores the safety, durability and aesthetic appeal of the surface. When the surface is properly resurfaced it can be as good as new. The resurfacing process includes the removal of old layers of surface materials and application of new asphalt along with an acrylic playing surface and lines. The new coating is applied to the existing surface and this process can be done in a matter of days.

In addition to resurfacing, it is recommended that tennis court owners do regular crack repair and patching. This can be as simple as using an acrylic crack filler to keep the cracks from getting larger or repairing them with a specialty crack repair system such as the ARMOR Crack Repair System by ProCorM. This system is different from other crack repair systems in that it spreads the stress of the crack over a wider area of expandable fabric. This reduces the risk of failure caused by the stress being focused on a small area of the crack.

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