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whats hustlers university

If you’re asking what is what’s hustlers university, it is an online business course created by Andrew Tate. It teaches students how to make money online through crypto investments, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and more. The program has received mixed reviews from critics, with some calling it a scam or a pyramid scheme. Others have praised it as an effective way to learn skills for making money on the side.

The program is a community of students with similar goals who connect daily to share their wins and ask questions. Tate and his team have built a large following because of his controversial and attention-grabbing take on business. They also attract socially inhibited people who may not fit into mainstream society and find comfort in the close-knit community they’ve established.

What’s Hustlers University? Exploring the Secrets of this Elite Learning Hub

Tate’s platform has 18 modern wealth creation techniques that include Ecommerce, Crypto, Stocks & Options, AmazonFBA, Affiliate, Copywriting, and Freelance. It is hosted on independent servers and has its own payment processor, a license to receive payments by itself, and a ton of new courses. It has its own Discord and Telegram channels that are active in people posting questions, sharing their successes, and helping one another.

Hustlers University has been criticized for not being the most up-to-date information, but many reviewers claim that it is still useful and worth a monthly subscription. It is not a “get rich quick” scheme, however, and requires hard work and realistic goals. Some students have even made a full time income from the program.

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