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Buy real estate in Malta is one of the most popular European destinations among foreigners wishing to invest in real estate. Americans, Brits and EU citizens from other countries actively purchase homes on the island primarily because it brings a high return on investment, but also because it helps them to become naturalized citizens of Malta much faster and more easily.

In the smallest country in the Mediterranean, you can find attractive countryside, glorious beaches and traditional Maltese houses built with warm golden stone, plus smart new developments and brand-new marinas. You can choose a luxurious apartment in the capital Valletta, which is preparing to be European City of Culture in 2018, or a house in one of the quieter coastal villages where the catch still arrives on the quayside each morning.

The Benefits of Investing in Malta Real Estate for Non-Residents

The property market in Malta is stable, with prices rising 3–6% a year according to Eurostat estimates. Purchasing off-the-plan properties is a great way to secure a price that may not be available later and to receive a substantial discount on the final price.

It is advisable to engage a professional to guide you through the process of buying a home in Malta. Choosing the right real estate agent and lawyer can save you time and money as well as ensure your rights are protected. It is not advisable to use lawyers suggested by the real estate agent, as this could result in biased information.

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