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For many schools, playground markings are a fun way to add colour and variety to outdoor learning. From football pitches to netball courts, snakes and ladders, hopscotch, and more, playground markings offer something for everyone. However, these colourful additions to a schoolyard come at a cost. There are a number of factors that determine the price of playground markings, including the size and complexity of the design. Additionally, the cost of labour and materials also plays a role.Learn

Playground markings are designed to help children with a range of developmental goals, from social skills to motor development. In addition, these markings are a great way to teach lessons that may be difficult to incorporate into classroom learning, such as adding and subtracting numbers through bean bag throw games or 100 snakes and ladders. This helps make lessons more engaging and fun for children, making them more likely to retain the knowledge they have learnt.

Community Collaboration: Engaging Local Artists for Playground Marking Projects in the UK

Moreover, playground markings can reflect a school’s identity, motto, or emblem, which helps to foster a sense of pride and belonging amongst students. In addition, they can promote physical health and well-being, helping to combat the rising obesity problem in young people.

Thermmark Playground Markings UK is a company that produces pre-cut thermoplastic using precise water jet technology to meet safety standards in the UK. These markings can be used as both playground and road markings, making them an essential tool for any school. They are available in various colours, and they can be customised to your school’s specifications.

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