How a Temporary Workers Agency Works

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When a business needs additional employees for a short period of time, it hires a temporary workers agency to meet its staffing requirements. The agency will interview workers to understand the work environment and any special skill sets required for the position, then shortlist candidates. The client company will then conduct a first-day trial of the temp worker to see if their skills and work ethic match the requirements. If the worker is not suitable for the job most temp agencies will agree to terminate the contract within the first 8 hours.

Using a temp agency can save companies money and time by cutting down on the amount of screening and hiring of workers. However, it also reduces the flexibility of the company and may not always find the right candidates for the position. The agency will also be responsible for the hourly wage payment, employment insurance, government tax deductions and workers’ compensation coverage of the temp employee.

Temporary vs. Permanent Employment: Pros and Cons

If a temporary worker does well at the company and is a good fit for its culture, they can be offered permanent employment by the agency or the host employer. Some of the top temporary agencies include Robert Half (which has a reputation for hiring marketing, creative, accounting and customer support roles), ManpowerGroup (an international agency that helps companies fill retail hospitality positions) and Kelly Services (which provides temporary industrial, financial and office support roles). Many of these temp agencies will run a background check on every candidate and verify their references and driving records.

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