The Range Rover Electric Will Be the First All-Energy Vehicle in the Land Rover Range

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The range rover electric is the first all-electric model in the Land Rover range, and it will debut in 2024. In addition to the EV, the range will include plug-in hybrid models.

Is the Defender a smooth ride?

The plug-in hybrid combines a powerful Ingenium engine with a 141-hp electric motor and a 31.8 kWh battery. Combined, they offer up to 48 miles of all-electric range.

PHEV Ride and Handling

The Range Rover PHEV rides incredibly well, even with the extra weight of that massive battery. The suspension is remarkably quiet, and it provides very good body control when it’s pushed hard into corners or on steep grades.

Compared to the gasoline Range Rover, the PHEV feels significantly more responsive and agile. It’s quick to respond and has great throttle response, even in high-speed acceleration situations.

It’s also very comfortable, with a very soft ride. It’s quiet, and it feels like it’s absorbing any harsh vibrations you might feel from bumpy roads or potholes.

The PHEV has a very good battery for the size, and it delivers an official electric driving range of 70 miles, although you can expect to get closer to 50 in most cases. That’s plenty of battery capacity for most people to complete a long journey on a single charge.

Charging Tracking Technology

The Range Rover PHEV has an advanced system that will intelligently route you to charging stations when you’re traveling, and it can even keep tabs on your battery level so you don’t go over its limit. This will help you drive efficiently and ensure that your electric range remains as long as possible.

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