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If you love avocado clothing and guacamole, you’ll want to check out Chipotle’s new line of clothing. The fast-casual chain has partnered with uniform maker Loomstate to create clothing and accessories using organic cotton and materials that reduce waste and water usage.

The line includes gender neutral products with unisex sizing and subtly branded details such as an avocado lined jean jacket or a customizable graphic tee that lets fans choose their favorite ingredients. It’s also made from sustainable organic cotton that the company hopes will prevent 1.7 million pounds of synthetic pesticides from being used in its restaurants in 2019.

Trendy and Sustainable: The Rise of Avocado Clothing

While avocados are known for their ability to stain fabrics, they can be removed by blotting with a dry cloth. If the stain is dried on, use an oxygen-based stain remover designed for whites, colors and delicates to treat the area before washing.

Natural Tie-Dye with Avocados

Boiling avocado skins and pits creates a rose-gold, or millennial pink, dye that works well on 100% cotton clothing. The dye takes three days to make and can vary in color depending on the pH of the water.

During the process, different waxes, spinning materials and oils can get onto your shirt. So, it’s important to pre-treat the shirt by soaking it in a solution of water and liquid Clorox2(r) stain remover and color booster. This step helps remove any “color-shifters” that may occur during the manufacturing process and will ensure that your tie-dyed shirt takes the avocado dye evenly.

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