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account takeover monitoring

Account Takeover Monitoring

Account takeover monitoring is a security feature that identifies suspicious account activity, such as login attempts or transactions, and then alerts the user to the event. It can also be used to track changes in usernames, passwords, encryption settings and other important account information.

The first step to prevent account takeover attacks is to ensure your online accounts use robust security measures and are protected by strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. These are crucial to protecting against hacking, and also to help you recover from a breach if it does occur.

Fraudulent Activity

Often, cybercriminals will attempt to hack into a target’s online account in order to steal money or other valuable items from the victim. It is therefore essential to have a comprehensive fraud detection system in place to catch these breaches before they cause serious financial damage.

Account Takeover Risk Scoring: How This Technology Can Help You Prioritize Your Cybersecurity Efforts

Another major threat to your company’s finances is fraudsters who gain access to customer credit card accounts. This is done through a number of methods, including stolen credentials or through data breaches.

Loyalty Program Theft

Cybercriminals are also on the lookout for weak points in loyalty programs. They takeover good customers’ accounts and steal reward points, then resell or redeem them for a profit.

Credit Bureau Fraud

Protect your credit before it’s stolen by putting a fraud alert or credit freeze in place with all three major credit bureaus. This will stop creditors from issuing credit in your name and will also block them from reviewing your credit report and scores until you remove the alert or freeze.

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