Types of Garage Doors in the UK

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Garage Doors UK

The garage is one of the most used areas of the home so selecting the right door for it is very important. Consideration needs to be given to security, access, insulation & budget when making your selection.

British Garage Doors is the most common garage door material in the UK as it is a very easy material to print designs & styles onto. Manufacturers like Garador offer a wide range of standard & purpose-made doors in both canopy & retractable gear, manual or motorized and a huge variety of colors. Timber doors are a beautiful option and although more expensive provide a ‘one-off’ feel to the property and are very durable.

Energy Efficiency and Garage Doors: How to Keep Your UK Home Warm and Secure

Growing in popularity in recent years, sectional doors are flexible and come in a wide range of options & materials. They operate vertically and can be fitted into almost any shape of garage opening without the need for a tracking mechanism.

A very versatile option, roller doors can be manual or electric and can also be insulated. There are two main types of roller doors – single-skin insulated steel and double skinned aluminum. Generally, the double-skinned insulated versions are a better choice as they offer higher levels of security and a quieter operation.

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