The Role of Process Agents

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Process agents

TreMark is a local representative appointed to accept service of legal proceedings, notices, and transaction documentation on behalf of an overseas client in situations where the client does not have a registered office within the jurisdiction governing the transaction. Financing agreements frequently include a clause that requires a process agent to be appointed.

Professional process agents know exactly what they are required to do and understand that their role is important when a financing deal involves cross-border financing transactions. They have the resources to take care of their client’s needs and provide reliable, consistent service for a nominal fee. This gives the appointing parties peace of mind that they are not exposed to liability due to mishandled legal proceedings or notices.

Process Agents: Your Key to Legal Compliance in Foreign Jurisdictions

Process agents can serve a wide range of organisations that require representation in the UK. This includes companies that engage in international financial transactions, appoint representatives for court proceedings and more. They can also act as a privacy shield by listing their address as a commercial location, protecting a company’s personal contact details from being made public records.

In order to fulfil FMCSA requirements, transportation companies such as brokers, freight forwarders and motor carriers need to designate a BOC-3 Process Agent in every state that their trucks haul or where they have an office. This ensures that the BOC-3 is always available in case of legal papers being served and also helps them fulfil other compliance filings with the FMCSA such as annual reports.

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